Landscape Mitigation Plan

The City has created a process for Homeowners Associations (HOAs) to mitigate the impact of trees on swales and common areas. The Landscape Mitigation Plan process was created so that HOAs can remove and replace trees within their communities while ensuring that the right tree is planted in the right place. Trees add a tremendous value to our communities and the City is committed to working with associations and property owners on the proper placement of landscape material.  For more information about this process, please email Landscape or call 954-392-2100.

Landscape Mitigation Plan (LMP) Requirements

  • Permit Application - Completed notarized application
  • Construction Contract -  Contract indicating the installation costs (for the scope of work to be completed at that time) as well as individual costs, species, size, labor, quantities, and the lump sum cost of the project shall be attached with the permit application.
  • Landscape Plan - Drawings and Specifications for the landscape project. The plan shall itemize and document all trees being proposed for removal and designate the appropriate replacement. Documentation should be provided in both written and visual form. The HOA is encouraged to contact a certified arborist for tree evaluations.  Species diversity is essential and there shall be no more than 20% of a single species used as replacement.   
  • Additional Documentation - Landscape contractor must provide proof of Broward County/City Local Business Tax receipt (LBTR) as well as a copy of liability insurance. The LBTR may be obtained from Broward County by calling 954-765-4697 or online. 

Landscape Mitigation Plan (LMP) Process

  1. Pre-Application Consultation - The HOA, or their representative, shall meet with City staff to discuss the parameters of a Landscape Mitigation Plan including the proposed timeline for removal and replacement.
  2. Pre-Application Submission - Applicant will submit required documents for plan review (application, contract, plans and additional documents) via the Development HUB
  3. Application Completeness Review - Department staff will review the pre-application submission.
  4. Plan Review - Formal review of the landscape mitigation plan documents will not occur until the submission has been deemed complete by staff. Work shall not commence until a permit is issued.
  5. Landscape Mitigation Plan Permit Issuance - Staff will provide a set of the approved stamped  plans (drawings and specifications)  to implement the landscape mitigation process.   The stamped plan will note the approved time frame for completion. 
  6. Modifications - Any requested changes to the approved Landscape Mitigation Plan permit, must be made in writing and the changes should be shown on the plan. This includes, but is not limited to species, location, and timeline. 
  7. Inspections - All inspections must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours before the date of the inspection. To schedule an inspection please contact the Planning and Economic Development Landscape Department at (954) 392-2100. The applicant must clearly identify the trees and locations to be inspected. 
  8. Permit Final - Applicants should confirm that landscape permit has been closed and finalized by City staff following the inspection.