Current Bids

Under $25,000

GovQuote / GovSpend 

For procurements under the $25,000 threshold, the City uses various methods to obtain quotes including the GovQuote website.  Please register on GovQuote for additional opportunities to bid on these types of solicitations.

Over $25,000


The City of Pembroke Pines has recently partnered with Bonfire to announce and distribute all formal solicitations, in excess of the $25,000 threshold, posted by the City of Pembroke Pines. As a result, the City will be transitioning from its current e-Procurement Platform. The City believes that this partnership will make it easier for you to immediately receive and respond to opportunities as they are released. Please register with Bonfire in order to receive automated announcements and to download bid and contract solicitations. Registering with Bonfire is FREE for all agencies. If you are already registered with Bonfire, please log on and update your profile.