The Training Division’s overall objective is to survey the need of resources, develop programs, and conduct training classes. Fire service training is an extremely specialized task. Our Training Division Instructors not only need the knowledge of firefighting, but must understand the techniques of educating adults. Only an individual with the required technical and educational skills, drive, and determination is able to maintain our high levels of training.

Performance Objectives Program

To ensure emergency response personnel are trained, the City of Pembroke Pines Fire-Rescue Department has developed and implemented a Performance Objectives Program for its employees. This program was designed to ensure their safety and proficiency. The Performance Objectives Program includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Advanced skills training for firefighters
  • Up to date Firefighter training
  • Emergency vehicle operations
  • Apparatus operations and hydraulics
  • Aerial / Ladder operations
  • First level supervision training
  • Mid-management training
  • Hazardous materials first responder
  • Peacetime emergency plan procedures (hurricanes / tornadoes)
  • Emergency response to terrorism
  • Entry level recruit training

Keeping a High Rating

Our Training Division in Pembroke Pines oversees a multitude of tasks. Our main goal is to provide our 216 state certified firefighters with our required training hours, which maintains our prestigious Class One I.S.O. rating. The training includes company drills, multi-company drills, and night drills. Along with maintaining our I.S.O. requirements the Pembroke Pines training division oversees the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit hiring process (in conjunction with the Human Resource Department), which occurs approximately two to three times a year.
  • Ensuring that all the continuing education requirements by the state are met.
  • Maintenance of our City’s fire hydrants.
  • Implement, track, and monitor the employees evaluation process.
  • Ensure that our superior level of customer service is obtained.
  • Manage the training budget including:
    • Purchasing new, up to date equipment
    • Maintaining our training facility at its current high standard
    • Allocating funds for seminars, lectures, vocational and/or college courses.
  • Work together with our Logistics Division to research and develop new products that maintain our department’s reputation as one of South Florida’s most proficient fire departments.

Today the department can, proudly, take note that the employees of the City of Pembroke Pines Fire-Rescue Department are not only members of a class one Fire Department, but class one professionals themselves. We extend to them our appreciation for the dedication, hard work, and commitment to saving life, property and the environment.