The Fire Department Operations Division is responsible for all emergency and non-emergent response activities, which include but are not limited to fire suppression, vehicle accidents, vehicle entrapments, medical emergencies, rescue operations, natural disasters, major catastrophic events, and other related emergencies. Response activities, personnel, and resources are coordinated to deliver services out of six strategically located fire stations throughout the city.


The Fire Department Operations Division includes two Administrative Chief Officers and one hundred and ninety-eight full-time combat personnel consisting of Firefighter/EMTs, Firefighter/Paramedics, Driver Engineers, Lieutenants, Captains, and Battalion Chiefs organized into three shifts; A, B, & C shift. Each shift is supervised by an East and West Battalion Chief responsible for emergency and administrative functions. The East Battalion consists of one Battalion Chief, three Engine Companies, one Ladder Company, five Rescue Companies, one Tactical Support Unit for large scale incidents, and one Crash Truck serving North Perry Airport. The West Battalion consists one Battalion Chief, three Engine Companies, three Rescue Companies, and one Ladder Company. 

Mission Ready

The outstanding men and women of the Fire Department are highly trained professionals ready to respond at a moment’s notice and eager to serve our community to the best of their abilities. Although our hope is that our services will never be needed, our residents can rest assured that we are ready to respond in their time of need.