Pines Media TV

An Inside Look

Find out what’s happening in the City of Pembroke Pines through original programming related to City departments, events and services by tuning into Pines Media TV. Residents with Comcast can view programming on Channel 78, and residents with AT&T can view programming on Channel 99, click on Pembroke Pines TV. For a schedule of TV programming, click here

For those interested in watching SWFP Classes on Pines Media TV via Comcast 78, the following schedule is in place:
Sunday, Wednesday, Friday:  9 am Ageless Grace
Tuesday: 2pm Ageless Grace
Every Day:  10 am Chair Fitness
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 12 Noon  Salsa
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 4pm Salsa
Every Day: 1 pm Zumba
Every Day: 3pm Chi Gong
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday: 2 pm Yoga
Thursday, Saturday: 9 am Yoga

Pines Media TV is Pembroke Pines’ own television channel. New video segments are produced, taped and scheduled each month, filled with interesting stories for and about Pembroke Pines.

Viewers can discover all that Pembroke Pines has to offer through its programs, special events and various activities featuring exercise classes, virtual art exhibits, city meetings etc. 

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