Engineering Division

The Environmental Services, Engineering Division deals with plan review, permitting, inspection, final approval, and acceptance of all engineering projects related to water and sewer infrastructure, paving, and drainage systems being constructed within the City.

Functions & Major Activities

Water Plant
  • All design and construction plans for regulated engineering projects are submitted to the division by developers or builders seeking plan approval and permitting. Once such plans are approved, construction permits are processed.
  • Inspection, documentation, and approval of all construction activities of water, sewer, paving, and drainage systems throughout the City to ensure that the work done is executed in compliance with approved plans and code requirements.
  • The design, bidding process, construction supervision, and payments for all municipal projects funded by the City including water and sewer infrastructure, roads, drainage systems, sidewalks, traffic signals, ball fields, small buildings, etc.
  • Investigation and resolution of concerns received from residents related to utilities, drainage problems, sidewalks, roads and traffic engineering, etc.
  • Maintain copies of Flood Insurance Elevation Certificates. Provide related information to the public and insurance companies. Coordinate activities involved with maintaining the City's participation in the community rating system (CRS) for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Perform liaison with other governmental engineering and regulatory agencies.
  • Produce and maintain various mapping and plan systems including, Cadd maps, as-built drawings, utility atlas and field drawings, and general engineering plans associated with various elements of the City infrastructure.
  • Provide for the field location of the City-owned underground infrastructure per the requirements of the Sunshine One Call system as mandated by Florida State Statues.
  • Provide engineering support services to other divisions and departments within the City.