Election Packet

If you intend to run in a City of Pembroke Pines municipal election, you are required to file your initial paperwork in person with the City Clerk. After you have filed forms DS-DE 9 Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and DS-DE 84 Statement of Candidate, along with your Letter of Intent to Run, you are required to register in the electronic campaign report filing system to begin filing your monthly campaign treasurer reports in the Easy Campaign Finance Portal.  Use as your guide the report filing calendar provided by the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office.

The Election Packet (PDF) is a collection of documents that candidates will need during the election process.

Affidavit for Election-Form

Broward County Statement of Ethical Campaign Practices

Candidate and Campaign Treasurer Handbook

Candidate Check List

Candidate Statement of Compliance with Charter Section 3.04

City of Pembroke Pines Charter

City of Pembroke Pines Polling Stations

Declaration of Residency

DS DE 302NP - Oath of Candidate  (Section 99.021(1)(a), Florida Statutes)

DS-DE84 Statement of Candidate Statement of Candidate (Section 106.023, F.S.) "Must be returned within 10 days of filing Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository."

DS-DE9 Appointment of Campaign Treasurer

DS-DE12 Campaign Treasurer Report Summary

Florida Election Code

Form 6 - Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interest (Exhibit A of Legal Memorandum 2023-045)

Guide to Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics

Letter of Intent to Run

Logic and Accuracy Acknowledgement

Logic and Accuracy Test Notice (from Broward Supervisor of Elections Office).

Qualifying Fees to Be Paid by Candidate

Sign Code Amendment-City Ordinance