New Commercial Utility Account

Pursuant to section 50.33 (Am. Ord. 1978, passed 11-17-21) the City of Pembroke Pines Code of Ordinances in accordance with Ch. 50.08, new utility accounts can only be opened by the property owner or their designated representative.  (click here to read the Ordinance)
The owner is fully responsible for all charges at the property until transferred to a new owner.

All new commercial utility accounts require a completed, signed Utility Service Application along with the following documentation: (click here for commercial contract application)

Required Security Deposit (by meter size):

5/8” - $120.00

1” - $160.00

1.5” - $320.00

2” - $640.00

3” - $1,280

4” - $2,560

6” - $5,120

   Multi-Unit - $50.00/per unit

All new Commercial Accounts require the following:

Business Owner:

Settlement Statement (HUD), Closing Disclosure, Warranty Deed, Certificate of Title, a copy of the ownership page from Broward County Property Appraiser (BCPA) or Sunbiz. (We require all closing documents to be signed by either the seller or buyer.)

Driver's license or government-issued photo ID with signature (We require an ID from the owner or the Power of Attorney (POA) authorized to handle utility affairs.).

The security deposit will be billed to your account and is based on your meter size.  Please do not pay in advance.

Please note: All security deposits are applied to the final bill, therefore, all balances are to be settled at closing between the seller/buyer before starting the new service.