The City of Pembroke Pines has initiated a project for the replacement of aging residential water meters, 20-years old or older, throughout the City. This program is necessary to ensure continued accurate billing for all Utility customers. The Utilities Department replaces water meters throughout the year as needed. However, over time, the volume of meters that need to be changed due to age has increased. Meter technology has also changed. Your new water meter will be equipped for mobile drive-by reading, eliminating manual entry of your monthly meter reading. Your new water meter will also contain components to capture consumption usage on an hourly/daily basis and in graph format. This information, when requested, can help you better understand your monthly water usage habits or to determine if you have a leak.




If you are a part of this program, you will receive the below 2 Door Hanger notifications. 

 The contractor will place the 1st Door Hanger Notification (a white door hanger) on your front door within 2 weeks prior to when the work will start. Below is the message:

First DoorHanger

The contractor will place the 2nd Door Hanger Notification (a white door hanger) on your front door once your water meter has been replaced. Below is the message:

Second DoorHanger


RTS Water Solutions, LLC/Envocore will perform this work.  To identify workers, look for their company logo in 3 places: 

  1. Work vehicles
  2.  Uniforms
  3.  I.D. Badges.

 The contractors will make every effort to minimize the inconveniences associated with this meter installation project. You may experience a brief interruption in water service for approximately 15 – 30 minutes during the installation process. 

We thank you for your support and cooperation to make this program a success.


Please contact the City of Pembroke Pines Utilities Department if you have any questions or concerns at 954-518-9000.